Do I need to make partitions? (Main, boot, swap)

Hi Garuda,

I am intrested in downloading Garuda KDE gaming edition/Gnome, and I have had some problems with partitions in the past. Ive installed Mint but forgot to make partitions so i did it in the setup, and because it took ages I decided (Ik, very dumb) to turn my laptop off and make a partition in windows, and my C drive was corrupt. Do I need to make a main, swap and boot partition for Garuda or does it make that auto in the setup, and not as slow as Mint? (I waited for 20 mins or something and there also wasnt a progress bar)

Yes, just use a free partition or the hole HDD/SSD/NVMe

On my PC’s it was 3,5 to 6 min, but IDK your PC :smiley:

ok i made a 60 gig main and my other friend told me the boot is made auto thanks my g

Linked from the Garuda Wiki.

In general, boot, root, swap if you want to hibernate.

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