Distro Hopped 10 Times And Returned To Garuda

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Garuda Linux

I finally decided to say goodbye to windows for good.
Their anti-privacy, anti-human design choices had become
too much to bear in windows 10, so some time ago I chose
to stick with linux and get more familiar with it's unique
operation/design and use it solely as opposed to
alongside windows

I've used gnu-nix for a long time on and off, and love
all things technology related. I've tried quite a lot of different
distros, but found myself hopping around incessantly,
installing/uninstalling quite frequently, and out of
all the linux distros/communities I think one of the most
impressive I've found is here with garuda linux.

I tried the dragonized kde not too long ago, before
trying out manjaro, and they were simply amazing.
Coming from the debian/ubuntu/fedora world
primarily I was blown away by the differences
in arch derivates. The design features made a lot
more sense to me right from the start.

Lately, I've been trying to get into some basic
programming, and scripting with linux, and
occasionally gaming with various linux distros
to find out which one enables me to get the most
out of my hardware.

I tend to jump around a lot between distros
naturally enjoying the various nuances of
every operating system, and how they interact
with hardware/software/and the internet, so after
discovering I couldn't scale my desktop in dragonized
kde to 2x or 1.5x the normal resolution without breaking
everything, and some other strange arch bugs I tried out
using manjaro, xfce garuda, lxqt ubuntu, xfce debian, xfce fedora
which were good, but honestly in terms of gaming performance,
and getting the most out of my semi-new hardware debian xfce wiped
the floor with everyone, being a stable distro, simple to tweak, but
without good support for newer capabilities/drivers/libraries/kernels/etc-
basically your stuck with the default driver in the apt repo or everything breaks,
and it's not as simple to switch kernels, compared to garuda,

so TLDR I decided to come back to GarudaNix since it is clearly a major front runner in the world
of linux, and honestly deserves some awards, or some kind of prominence since it is absolutely
amazing in terms of default features or overall design which are INTUITIVE, and SANE, compared
to basically every single other linux OS out there, most of which I've tried/tested, except perhaps

Thank you for GarudaNix, it is truly amazing...



and continue to have so much fun with Garuda.


So…you are saying you like Garuda?

TLDR…I’m about 70 and my remaining battery life is too short to read long posts, ESPECIALLY if they contain their own TLDR. (Shit, I lost another 5% just replying in this post!)



This is the TLDR of the TLDR


I might have to leave GarudaNix pretty soon

to feed my addiction to installing linux distros

I was thinking it would be appropriate to have a poll

voting on how long I would last before hopping to another distro again

I've been thinking long and hard about fedora... se-linux is really nice

and dnf is awesome, plus the people on fedora are some of the most knowledgeable

about linux... and next to debian they are the only distros with extremely stable

real time performance that is quick and easy to achieve right out of the box

and obviously...they are not ubuntu

arch is so confusing to me right now, I just want a computer that works, and doesn't
break when I go to try some upgrade I don't fully understand

fedora even has a section on it's forums, for casual chat

instead of leaving people no option but asking for support or talking
about whatever flavor of linux the forum represents

That’s what Garuda Linux snapshots are for.

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That reminds me I need to start doing snapshots... thank you : D

Standard by updates.
But of course you can always make your own.


Who says you need to leave one distro to install another? :grin:


It seems you are missing Windows in there, Bluish... :smiley: lolll :rofl:


Um yeah I'm trying to not install malware on my computer. :laughing:


Your boot screen needs a Crackerbox design to cage in all those rampant icons. :wink:


RIP windows -- they working on cloud base PC now called 365 or something like that

the only reason I liked windows is due to there gaming -- not much games are on linux still and wine just sucks at time..

Windows it self is just bad - there price just sucks and yet they limit how many times you can install the OS.. tbh, all OS should be free and vs. paid... where u get to upgrade anytime..

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Welcome! Good to have new garuda-heads out there. We’re becoming an army.


@BluishHumility Ahhh.... Another rEFInd user. rEFInd is THE way to go for multi-booting.

Solves many headaches straight away.


Multi-booting is like having multiple wives, isn't one enough headaches for you? :rofl:

Sorry, but I couldn't resist.


is custom.cfg :smiley:

You can use it also to boot live ISO’s from NVMe, SSD, HDD… test them with more speed :grin::sunglasses:


Which is ofc, a very nice feature of grub.

Don’t get me wrong… I’ve gone from Lilo to grub to rEFInd through the years and hold much respect for grub. I use grub unless I am multi-booting, then I layer rEFInd in the equation. =)

It’s just a super nice feature of rEFInd to not have to worry about which of your Linux Distros will update their grub next and take over the boot sequence, overwriting the boot record. :frowning:

Maybe the convenience was too much for me to resist. LOL


I resemble that remark.

But yes, custom.cfg is the way to do, with the entries pointed at (for instance) the grub.cfg of each of the partitions holding the other distros, so you never need to keep updating grub on your main distro when the other distros have kernel upgrades.


Are there any tutorials on how to setup garuda nix? I didnt find any distro iso's created, and Im pretty new to nix. I found the two repositories: Garuda Linux / garuda-nix-subsystem · GitLab and https://gitlab.com/garuda-linux/infra-ni. But im not quite sure how to utilize these.