Display PC specs

Hi, I've been running Garuda for a couple of months and loving it. Navigating is still tricky so can someone please tell me how I might display all the specs of my PC e.g. mobo, memory, etc. In Windows (pardon the language) the Speccy app gives a complete readout of the system. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Quickest for me is inxi -Fzxxxa or other flags.

Check it - Inxi - A Powerful Feature-Rich Commandline System Information Tool for Linux

Or just check the man page.


@Stroke_Finger . Thanks for the reply. I see the systems listed ( Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint, CentOs/RHEL/Fedora, Fedora 22+) don't include Arch, on which Garuda is based. Can I use one of the listed OS installation methods?

Try it in terminal, I'm sure it's already installed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Stroker. All good. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can try neofetch in terminal it automaticly starts when you open the terminal.


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