Display command can't find any files


When I type in the 'display' command I get the Image Magick Window and I am able to open photos using the menu that way but if I put in the file to open in the argument I get this error no matter the file I type in..

display maslow_needs.jpeg
display: unable to open image 'maslow_needs.jpeg': No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/3527.

Is there something I'm not adding to the argument or something else I'm not doing right?

Thanks in advance!

Not particularly useful, but it works fine here... :thinking:


Have you navigated to the folder the jpeg is in with cd prior to running the command? If not, you will probably have to announce the full path in the command.


first of all, paste output of ls (as text here)

Also, see if it is able to open image with full path or using ./ in front of image name. You can check your present working directory with pwd command

And as @ BluishHumility said, navigate to the correct directory using cd command.


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