"Disk full" warning

Hi all, first of all, thanks for this wonderful OS. I have been using this for a year and been loving it.

Recently, my SSD went full upto 256 GB (due to timeshift) and I wasn't able to boot into OS. Though I managed to take a backup and install new version of Garuda afterwards, I felt it would be nice if we had a warning regarding disk usage, especially the one which we use to boot the OS.

I had to clean the pacman cache, purge the snapshots older than two weeks, clear the sysctl logs then btrfs balance the home dir. A feature to automatically do the same through GUI would also be wonderful.


Strange. Ideally, it should keep only 5 latest snapshots.

Also, there is a setting in timeshift where you can change the number of snapshots to keep before deleting older ones.

Which version had you installed earlier?

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I am not sure about the version I had before. But timeshift change was my bad, I had changed the settings which caused it to keep the latest ten snapshots and on top of that, I also backed up the home dir in the options, which caused the storage to swell up.

It always made sure to keep 20-30 GB of breathing space but after one upgrade, it just didn't boot and was throwing no space left on device.

Aren't all those things available already via Garuda Assistant?


Oh okay. I just checked. They are there. That's nice.

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Most DEs detect disks that are full and pop up a warning notification - I've seen that happen fairly regularly on my system.


Have you considered keeping less data or getting some bigger disks? :rofl:


Did you overbuy?