Discussion : Garuda Linux "Talon" (220428)

As the new version is released, this topic is intended to discuss about new release and related stuff.


Thank you! Always exciting to see new developments in this amazing distribution. One question though, why recommend the use of garuda-update command although update is a shorter and easier to remember and type command? Doesn't really matter but just curious lol. Anyway I'm gonna go update my system I think haha


Because update has left people confused in the past, in my own personal experience of getting people to use it. That's the reason we even added garuda-update instead of sticking to update. But nowadays, update is just a symlink to garuda-update.


I appreciate this line of thinking. :+1:

Okay makes sense, I don't see how people get confused as update means update don't it?! But yeah it's good you guys are looking out for those easily confused as a symlink is always nice

Yes, update means update, that's the problem. People got confused and didn't realize it is a terminal command and used pacman, or worse, pamac to update their system instead.


Yeah I guess I could see how people might see the word update and then not associate it as a command but as a task to perform through other means. Thanks for explaining, been bugging me for a while haha.

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Each of the few days I've been here, I wonder: "How will Garuda get better?" Then I see things like this. Glad to see people still using logic in a post-logical world.

Great job! I was keeping close watch for a new version and here it is... yay! Also I see after fresh install the Zen Kernel already has an update... cutting edge indeed! :smiley:


Perhaps it would be better for inexperienced users if there was a message to restart the system after an update.

Well that would be annoying almost like Windows asking to reboot although Windows sometimes forces it. Maybe a toggle though within Garuda system maintenance somewhere with an option to prompt for a reboot if something more critical was updated could be implemented though? For basic updates though it shouldn't matter and a user will likely reboot at some point anyway I would assume.

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another question
updating from garuda assistant and garuda-update are they same thing or they have something different.?

They are the same thing.

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OpenSUSE does something like this. After an update it provides a list of packages that took an update but need to be restarted to get the benefit. The user can choose to restart the relevant services, restart the machine, or just ignore the message if they wish. It's a good feature--informative, points the user in the right direction, but it's not overly pushy or annoying.


I've migrated 2 of my personal machines to garuda.

1 Lenovo E-73 ThinkCentre now runs Talon-i3. Fresh install with Talon iso.

1 iMac Retina running KDE Dr460nized. Updated along the way.
iMac ss here.
Both are running smooth as a baby's a$$.

Thanks for the hard work.


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