Discussion about "Present windows" in Plasma 5.25

Am I the seriously the only one who thinks the new re-written 'present windows' effect (normally activated by screen edges) looks like absolute hot garbage compared to the smooth beautiful animations of <5.24?

This was honestly the number 1 thing I love about the KDE plasma experience, and made multi monitor desktop productivity so much easier.. and gorgeous SMOOTH animations.
Now with this choppy, ugly mess which looks like something from 10 years ago in 5.25 I'm about ready to go back to Windows :frowning:

I am currently running 5.24 on a snapshot but I know that is a not a sustainable solution for rolling release distro.

I don't suppose there is any way to force the 5.24 present windows effect to retain itself while updating everything else, right?

Good luck.

Please, this is something Garuda can't solve :slight_smile:


Are you taking about the new overview effect? That's what we default to these days.

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Why has this been moved to "unsupported software"?
KDE Plasma is a core part of the Garuda distribution..

The purpose of the post was to see if there is any possible way to retain the 5.24 versions of these effects while keeping the system up to date otherwise, and also just to ask if anybody else agrees about this or if it's just me.

Overview and Present Windows are both options in the drop down menu for selecting screen edge effects (not sure what exactly the difference is), but they are both rebuilt in the new style in 5.25 which makes it look & feel terrible IMO compared to the butter smooth beautiful polished look they had in 5.24. I just fail to see how anyone could think this is an improvement.

GNOME, Cinnamon, XFCE ... are all core parts from Garuda DE's but, you know, we can't change it.

If you do not like the KDE way, post to KDE, please.


Ok, I just wanted to discuss the issue with my fellow Garuda users. My apologies.

Ok, just moved :slight_smile:

Well... I don't see how the new effect is hot garbage, I mean, it runs smoothly here too.

I loved the previous present windows too, it was my meta key shortcut

I don't think so, not without "some effort". But if you really are into it, you can look up the kwin commits and revert the one that replaces the effect.

As an ending note: the move was good, as it shares the same code for present windows and overview, making it easier to maintain. I hope in time the new effect gets the previous features.

But if you are getting choppy performance on the new effect, please file a bug report on KDE, not "switch to windows".


Perhaps my wording was a bit strong but the old one was just so butter smooth and polished, the difference in the look is quite extreme IMO

I read on the KDE site that these features have been completely re-written from the ground up, hence the huge difference in the look & feel. Don't get me wrong I REALLY don't want to return to windows it's just that I deal with quite a few inconveniences because I switched to Linux (with not being able to run certain things), but the awesome features of the KDE Plasma workspace environment has compensated for those inconveniences and kept me around.

This screen edge activated present windows effect was just my favorite thing about the desktop environment, and seeing it butchered like this in the update really upset me, haha.

I will look into your suggestion on finding the commit and reverting just that one, but that would mean having to do that every time after a system update, correct?

Nope, check the ArchWiki entries regarding pacman.

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