Discover stuck on "restart required"


I have recently installed the Dragonized version then I went and changed the way the updates are applied by setting them to update software automatically and checked the "use offline updates" box.

Since then, even though I have reverted back to manual updates and unchecked the "use offline updates" check box Discover is stuck on asking me to restart each time I log in.

Is there a way, besides ignoring the message, to get it out of the loop?

Thank you in advance.

Welcome in forum :slight_smile:
I don't know this app, check on github / gitlab if it is a known bug.

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I reported it here.


But it is not the same app :smiley:


Discoverer is the software and updates app which comes with Garuda.

It may not be the same app but the behavior is exactly the same as reported by @SameExpert

Sorry you are inaccurate The name is Discover not Discoverer.

So, its solved and has nothing to do with Garuda.
Do you think all apps in the DE's are from Garuda?
LibreOffice, Inkscape, Blender...



I was not pointing fingers at Garuda. There is no need to get so defensive.

I was reporting that there is a problem within the OS (regardless of whether it is related to the work done by the Garuda team or not). Pretty much as with the updater not opening for which you do have a header with a fix, here.
Am I not supposed to ask for advice and guidance within the very forums of the OS?

Apart from the fact that I -> :wink: <- were joking, I feel you were attacking
Garuda as the culprit just because it comes with the DE. So, sorry if I have misunderstood.

I wanted to point out that when you report mistakes, you should also write the correct names. Here it was easy but there are also users who think,

the "updater" or Add/Remove Software,
pacman and pamac are the same. And both are not from Garuda.


It is the same app, you just typed the name wrong. Nothing to worry, everyone makes typing mistakes.


Correct. Mea culpa for typing it wrong and thanks @SameExpert for mediating :slight_smile:

I will know better for the future that typing mistakes are not tolerated on these forums nor reporting wrong functionality for apps that are not created by Garuda.

Lesson learned.

Hi Brother, Knowledge is Knowledge as it is Shared Otherwise, It Will Become a Secret, We Will Learn When It Comes, We Will Teach When It Comes, Thank you for your understanding :slight_smile: :+1:


Lütfen, yalnızca dil alanının dışında İngilizce kullanın.
Please, use only English outside the language area.


@anon6560279, if you uninstall the packagekit file it will revert to the way it was.
Arch Linux - packagekit-qt5 1.0.2-1 (x86_64)

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Didn't work for me, unfortunately. I ended up uninstalling it. Now octopi-dev does pretty well :slight_smile:

@c00ter Thank you for the suggestion! I confirm as well; uninstalling packagekit-qt5 and reinstall it didn't work for me either. I just uninstalled it and will manually run Discover from time to time thus removing the tray notifier.

@SameExpert does octopi-dev have a tray notifier as well? I've installed it but didn't seem to have one.
Later edit
Found it.


You can update at least 2 times a day.
Why do you need a hint?

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Cose I'm lazy and I like my systems to do the work for me :slight_smile:

While I am at it and to alleviate any and all bad water that might have accumulated under the bridge, I do want to say that I like the Garuda Dragonized Gaming edition a lot. I do believe you guys have done a great work with it and will start supporting it the best I can, including financially.

Keep up the good work!


Seems to be fixed, waiting for the updated package to be released:

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