Discover and garuda-settings-manager-git/garuda-settings-manager-kcm-git

Hey guys,

I've tried searching for some stuff related to why this app might differ from pacman and just curious if anyone here might know off the top of their head. Does Discover have its own database or file used for syncing locally that I need to remove to fix an issue with garuda-settings-manager-git and garuda-settings-manager-kcm-git showing as needing an update that doesn't exist?

1.0.0r1.g15c4106-1 -> 1.0.0.r1.g15c4106-3

This is related to Warning related to garuda-settings-manager: newer than repo - #5 by Kayo where there was a point where the version was incorrect and a forced upgrade got it synced up properly in pacman. But, Discover has shown those as needing the update to 3 ever since causing the update tray icon to always show updates available.

I tried a basic sudo pacman -R discover but dont know if there are other switches I should use to remove more related to discover or if I can just clean up the files manually that are cached.

The KDE Wiki doesn't really provide anything useful about how it actually works and the only thing I saw mentioned on Arch Wiki was about people missing a dependency for using it.

I had a similar issue, it was saying my git version was newer than chaotic-aur and never did the update.

In the end I simply replaced the git versions with the standard versions and all was fine.
If you install a fresh ISO you will notice the git versions are no more part of it.

That was something I was curious about, as well.. If the -git version isn't even being used anymore. Then I will just switch to the standard version. I was just curious about how Discover is still showing an update available even though pacman doesn't. I assume there is a database file located somewhere that shows chaotic-aur containing a version of the file that doesn't exist anymore and it's not removing it for some reason.

Yeah I am sure about this cuz I did a comparison of ALL installed git packages between a fresh ISO and my 1+ year installation and I noticed I had a lot of git packages on my installation that are not from the ISO.

I know throughout 2021 devs moved away from git packages for many of them in order to have more stability. Since this sometimes require user input to do the switch, I haven't. I have now, though. :slight_smile:

I think the git packages left now are kvantum-something and plasma5-sweet-something. Maybe a few more, but those 2 in your OP are not git anymore.


Of course if you decide to switch from the git to standard packages, make sure to btrfs snapshot first, just in case it breaks something. I do not use Discover so I cannot say in your specific case.

Yeah, that's no problem. I have snapper set up for timeline and pacman snapshots. I'll make the switch and try taking a look at what other packages might not be -git anymore, like you said. I'm assuming you went at looked at the gitlab package list from iso-profiles?

If anyone else wants to do similar, looks like sudo pacman -Qs -- -git returns a nice list of what git packages you have and garuda · master · Garuda Linux / Tools / iso-profiles · GitLab will be where the currently distributed packages are listed.

I'm still curious about the Discover local db or caching for finding updates, if anyone is familiar or has better luck finding an answer.

I issued a CLI pretty much like the one you posted above on 2 installations: My main machine installed for over a year and a VM on my main machine freshly installed with latest ISO (was 220101 at that time).

I made the comparison with both outputs and swapped quite a few of them off the -git. Running like this for 2-3 weeks and didn't notice anything wrong.

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Yeah, that's true. There are specific reasons for not transitioning the remaining parts to stable packages eg. the KDE part of the Sweet theme doesn't provide a tag which could be used to provide stable packages (and yes, in theory it's also possible to build from specific commits but in this case it doesn't make much sense imo, all thats happening there are fixes these days).


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