Discord Audio Device Issues

Just recently in discord I haven't been able to set my actual mic as an input device. Instead discord uses the desktop audio as an input and in the audio settings I have no option to change it to my microphone. I have 2 potential causes in my head but only one of them seems plausible to me. either A: The recent full system update I performed messed something up, or B: I recently connected my pc to a TV over hdmi which took a bit of tweaking in the audio settings to get working

I appreciate any and all help
thank you in advance!

Discord, as I know it (I don't use their actual app, but the website through another app), their app just uses pulseaudio interfaces, and it's in pulseaudio that you need to adjust the inputs/outputs as you wish. pavucontrol is a utility to do exactly that in a pinch.


Thank you so much! I switched a few settings and now it works!

Perfect! Glad that provided some insight. Most DE's have some level of support for managing inputs/outputs.. KDE's sound volume thing is a little unusual, but it has it. GNOME's updated their methods in a way that's nice and finally native without having to get an extension now, and XFCE quite literally just uses PulseAudio Tray for it. But, pavucontrol is pretty much the global tool for everything, since it is PulseAudio's own software (and, yes of course still works with PipeWire's PulseAudio).

But yeah, any time "Y isn't working with the right sound input/output, always check pulseaudio first to see what it's actually doing.

Glad I could help. :slight_smile:


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