Disable zram?

I am wondering how can I permanently disable zram?

Why do you want to diable zram?


Why not check the Archwiki?

I would expect the procedure to disable zram would be to simply reverse their recommendations on how to enable it.


To confirm: this is pointless. It is not "taking up" RAM, it is not "using up" resource, it is not making your PC slower.

tl;dr: If you don't want what Garuda offers then don't use Garuda.


@Naman just testing :slight_smile:

@tbg What I found was mostly to

swapoff -a
rmmod zram

but after reboot it came back

@jonathon no need to get over defensive / edge of toxic; Linux is about choice and one can like some part of your distro but want to tweak other to their needs;


If you like to tweak read manuals or wiki.


What does removing/disabling zram enable or allow?

Correct - but don't expect questions about how to make a distribution with a specific vision into something different to be viewed as sensible. :wink:


Well, if you guys want to build a community around your distro, and it seems there is quite potential in it, you may want to change a bit how you initially approach questions like that.

The answer I was expecting was more along:
Here is where we turn it on so just change value in


and then you could put few sentences why in your opinion it's better to leave it on. Also, as this question may be coming more often, why not not put it FAQ?

In regards to garuda-specific tweaks you're the one that knows where it was set so just pointing user into right direction is low-effort and very welcoming.


You didn't actually answer the initial question:

If you answered that question then we'd understand the reason behind your request.

"Building a community" is more than blindly answering questions - all that does is enable "spoon feeding" and encourage "learned helplessness".


Not trying to be rude, but it gets old when all day long people are asking how to undo all the customizations that the devs went to great lengths to configure. this creates a whole extra level of help requests on the forum.

We don't mind dealing with issues from a standard Garuda install, but we're getting tired of dealing with help requests from those whose problems arise because they've altered Garuda's default configuration. So the mentality that is developing with the people that provide support on the forum is we have enough issues to deal with, without people creating more help requests from deviating from Garudas development decisions.

We only have a few people providing support for all the new users. The guys that provide that support are tiring of all the self created help requests from those who want to change Garuda's default configuration.

Our feeling on that is basically, if you want to do that, we can't stop you. However, neither do we have to assist everyone with dissembling all the customizations that the developers spent a lot of time configuring.

It's basically that simple. Feel free to do whatever you want on your own system, but don't expect the people who provide the support on the forum are going to be rushing to help you with your demolition plans.


fair enough


I don't blame you.

Cosmetic changes are one thing, but If a person just must make systemic changes, just install vanilla Arch and do your own 'under the hood' business. Everything the Garuda developers have done can be duplicated by anyone who can read and understand how to successfully install Arch. Sure, you'll make mistakes but you'll eventually get it right.

What you'll never be able to replicate is the thought, the planning, the development or implementation of anything truly expressing your own work. Or understand the heart it takes to put your own best efforts out there for others to criticize, condemn, or rip apart. Or possibly adopt.


Yes, if anyone wants to develop softwares apps like Garuda Welcome or Garuda-setup-assistant, he/she/it can spend couple of weeks to make them :wink:. I know we are still developing and have lot of bugs.

I don't mean to dishonor you but if someone is interested in development, another mj can be made out of Arch, or even other Arch can be carved out of LFS.

Imo, it is effort that is valuable. For example, fees of artist is usually more expensive than paper and paints in a painting.

And it is obvious that when people are tired even to write a simple thanks in return of our selfless service, we also become tired. After all, we are men.

But it is general discussion, no special comments on anybody. I guess it was wrong place to burst out with emotions :sweat_smile:.


Hey guys, I didn't want to diminish in any way all good work you do, keep it up!

Just a mere suggestion that listing maybe main tweaks you did with arguments why you think they are better will be a good idea and more transparent. And a link or short note that if someone wants to disable certain tweak this is the way to do it.

Otherwise maybe explicitly state somewhere that you only support "system as it is" so you avoid confusions in the future.

Just you know, some people may came here because Dragonized looked awesome and they wanted to cherry-pick what got their attention without taking "everything as it is".


Also if people ask how to undo certain tweaks it still means that something got them here ; - )

Since I believe that everything has been said on this topic I will close this page.