Disable RTW_8822b Driver

Hi, I'm semi-new to linux, so I might not know some basic commands and terms. But my problem is the new RTW_8822b driver. Previously, I had to install my wifi driver (RTL88x2bu) from a repo in github and used either octopi or manually setup the DKMS for it. No problem. But after kernel 5.18, the included RTW8822b driver seems to take priority over the driver that I usually install and have been using on previous installs. What is the best way to fix this? My wifi adapter (USB) seems to connect to my network, but without the LED indicators on my adapter working, and only seems to have a connection for a few seconds, and then stops. All of this happens before and after I manually install my usual driver (RTL88x2bu).

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Thank you, I had done this earlier but I had put it in the wrong folder lol.

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