Disable find-the-command

how do i disable find-the-command in zsh ? hate that thing.

I think you should go to ~/.zshrc and comment this line:

[[ -e /usr/share/doc/find-the-command/ftc.zsh ]] && source /usr/share/doc/find-the-command/ftc.zsh
Then you can unistall the package, of course.

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its not in there! ive been grepping everything and cant find it. cant uninstall easily bc of the dependencies but i care about uninstalling.

That's in our standard garuda-zsh-config (which also brings in find-the-command-git as dependency).

This is also consistent with the upstream instructions:

Maybe you installed or configured it differently? Or changed the ~/.zshrc?
Maybe you sourced it somewhere else (e.g. ~/.zprofile)?
It must be "somewhere" for it to work. See also:

I know I shouldn't suggest this, but I'd definitely go for a

sudo pacman -Rdd find-the-command-git



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