Different languages on the forum? 😊

Seems English is for everyone.


I am Spaniard and I think, a single language will be more manageable for a small team. I do not have problems with English, and I use Google translator to ensure my writing is more or less understandable.
For me, more important is the efforts towards an outstanding Linux distro.


I forgot my good manners because I was so happy about the good news.
Sorry, should not happen again.

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Thanks guys

I’m from Portugal but I don’t mind training my Spanish with you

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Please stay on topic. :slight_smile:

I’ve always wanted to be able to write this. :wink:

Actually I find nothing wrong with it as long as the poster includes the English translation as well.


I translate it after his post.

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+1 for me - even specifying which language it actually is might be enough (some of us might guess wrong!). I would say that Deepl is the fallback position in a tab on my browser :grin:


You know I just might have to look to see if there is a custom Google Translate add-on where you can just open it, drop copied text and have it translated without ever leaving the page you;re on.

Mate translate. highlight > click and it's translated



Firefox has Google Translate extensions.


I see nothing rude with writing in your own language, especially if you are not a fluent speaker of English. I think it is much more rude to call people, who are not rude, rude. :man_shrugging:

Neka svatko piše na jeziku kojem želi, oggi abbiamo la traduzione automatica. :wink:


Glad you had the shrug there! For some things, there is no language…

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So in your mind its perfectly fine to hijack a thread that started in English and turn it into another Language,
That just shows no respect for others And don’t give me any shite that its not rude.
As a Spanish speaker I never write in Spanish on English Forum as I’m respectful to other something you may not agree with.

Mate I’m running Vivaldi and I get taken to another page when I rightclick and select translate selected text.

As long as they also post the English translation. Otherwise you are looking at chaos.

@mandog is completely right here.

Seems everyone has spoken his mind, I asked to forgive my slip.
You can argue in private messages if necessary. :slight_smile:


We don’t have any section for other languages. So it should up to the mods if it’s rude. As an English speaker I don’t mind. I just use a translator.

I live in a household that speaks two languages, which is most likely why I don’t care.

I’m super stoked about Garuda being featured in any website. We should prepare for an influx of German speakers and consider creating a German section.