Developer "flavor" installer and boilerplate automation package

In the world of distributed apps becoming more common these days, I was curious if it would be possible to integrate rootless podman into Garuda Linux.

Garuda Linux is already a seriously good environment for developers, and making this integration native would make it that much better, at least for myself.

I'd like to hear your opinion on the matter, maybe it is too much optimization. Dr460nized Podman edition ftw :smiley:

Yes, it's quite possible. Just install it and configure according to the Arch wiki instructions,

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Well I meant pre-configured in a garuda distro specific for developers. Garuda allready pre-configures the graphics, the DE, why not also pre-configure what is global to most developers? I just think it fits.

Lets say I bought a new PC, I just want to get to developing right away. This would save ~15-30 minutes, right? If there are other features, like pre-installing a bunch of universally good software developer practices, even more. It is a decision I make as a user to potentially bloat my system, but in return I get a system that is just ready for use right away. Doesn't have to universal, could also be highly opinionated.

A case could be made to expand the Garuda Setup Assistant to include these integration requirements. A testing suite could be made for each of these scripts, cause the underlying integration would be a script nevertheless.

It is already integrated in my system, and I am sure that this is not what I asked for; thanks though.

Why don't we make an artist version, with Blender, Krita, GIMP, Inkscape pre-installed?
Or a DJ/musician version, accountant version, photographer version, Docker version,and so on and so forth?

Apart from the unjustified posts that it's all bloat, like with the gaming version?

It all takes more time and resources to save 30 minutes of time for the few interested users.

Every Garuda Developer makes his DE according to his ideas and tries to keep it as small as possible.


Most developers use which programming language and tools? What about developers who don't use the same things?

Calling anything "universally good" would be quite a claim!

If you feel there is a market for a "Developer Edition" then I'm sure the team would be open to you maintaining it.

My mistake, I must have misread your original question:



That is the tradeoff. The scope of my idea was infrastructure related tools, specifically kubernetes, podman and buildah.

However, a case could also be made to just include the best-practices for every developer. I am a Python developer, and I would definitely argue in favor of including pyenv, codium as part of the edition. I also develop Dart and Flutter these should also be included; flutter has some boilerplate (just like rootless podman) that should also be scripted. A JavaScript developer might want to include bun, this should also be included.

What I really like about this is that hotfixes can be integrated into a 2nd layer on top of garuda-update. This does introduce a wave of potential complications, which have to be mediated by unit testing.

The bloat it is a trade-off. bloat is subjective, however, some might like that everything is in their system at all times; I would. If I wanna try something new, having it installed ahead of time is nice.

There are a small list of things that are subjectively good, I accept that it makes it opinionated. It doesn't have to be for everybody, but should fit everybody that is what I meant as universally good.

Cool. I'll think about it more, and come up with a design for implementation.

You are taking it out of context. I am obviously talking about integration at the distribution level, not an individual install. Nonetheless, thank you; appreciate it.

Why not just use venv?

That's very much pre-release, and not supported by any cloud provider (e.g. good luck running it on AWS). Why not nodejs? Or one of the LTS releases?

This is the key issue. Development is not a single task, and there's no way to develop an edition that meets the requirements of "developers". If anything, I'd argue that KDE Lite already meets that niche - minimal base system with the ability to shape to any developers' requirements.

You're aware that statement is a complete contradiction? "One size fits all, but not everyone."

Not wanting to be overly pedantic, but there's no context in your OP for it to be taken out of. You put this in the #development category rather than the #feedback:feature-requests so even that context wasn't present.


The beauty of Linux is that you could just do that yourself. Build an install-iso based on Garuda with those programs preconfigured and preinstalled and if you agree to care for it and maintain it maybe the Garuda-devs will consider making it a semi-official (or even official :open_mouth: ) ISO.


These are different.

Those can also be included :wink:

I think I presented my opinion on this matter. I can give an example to paint a more complete picture of my vision: KaliLinux is a Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Linux Distribution. We should have Linux Distribution for Developers.

There can be several Python flavors, JavaScript flavors, you can pick during the install. My Python flavor is PyCharm community, pyenv, poetry, python-black, python-isort, and codium. Flavors can be combined. This is starting to look like a complex post-install script, which I think is better actually. Meaning it won't be just for garuda anymore, but all of Arch.

Not really, I am a strong believer in human adaptability as long as there is room for adaptation. Every time we try a new DE we adapt right, same concept.

Sure. I'll be more careful with the topic I pick next time.

I think this is contradictory to Garuda Linux, and more like Arch Linux. There is a lot done for you on this distribution, I want to go further with this logic.

The @SGS, or some developer star that cares to share, flavor of whatever he is doing would be interesting to some individuals for sure.

As mentioned earlier, this is starting to sound more like a AUR package than a distribution. I would be happy to make this, and have it hosted on chaotic aur :blush:

Not to say it can't be a distribution that has this integrated where a subset of the flavors are picked ahead of the install.

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These would be flavors. However, I only intended to focus on developers/engineers as they are probably the largest demographic of Arch perhaps even Linux (?).

Why keep it as small as possible? What are we losing when we don't keep it tidy? Maybe a couple of gigabytes, it is OK for me.

Thanks for the feedback guys, certainly made me think more about the drawbacks. I'll take it to heart.

But for sure, I am a little less enthusiastic atm, haha

Awesome. :smile:

I think best would be a launcher as Garuda Gamer - you know, like Garuda developer - where you could pick and choose what's best for you.


It seems logical to provide newcomers with help on what can be installed. Doing this for developers seems nonsensical to me, he knows what he needs and uses a pacman one-liner.

But good that we talked about it once. :smiley:

Naa, I would concur with caniko on this one. Only because I am able to install and adapt a system to my needs, doesn't mean that I want to do that. If I can spend an hour to install and adapt an Arch system or I could just install a Garuda in 10 minutes and everything I need is already provided and configured, I'd mostly go the lazy way.

Again it’s a bloat thing though. IMO it’s already quite bloated which is why I debloated it. I’m 100% for having it maybe under the post installation wizard or under something like Garuda Gamer or something separate with development tools. I think however it would fit in well to the post installation wizard maybe with some default configs already in the system? Like what if someone compiles with the necessary configurations for the chaotic aur and then that gets added to the post installation wizard? Easy to install with the necessary configs done and no extra bloat other than a package name to tick. Does this satisfy everyone’s needs?

I think this is not a problem for the thread creator.


If so then maybe dr460nf1r3 could consider adding it to the wizard to make installing some development tools easier. Would be pretty cool to see that as an addition as opposed to a whole other flavour of Garuda as that seems highly unnecessary and better than adding in unnecessary bloat


This would be underlying function of flavors, +1 for implementing this. I still want flavors to be a thing though. I want to mimic other peoples environment with a single or few clicks.

This is already implemented under Garuda Setup Assistant; however, some developer tools like podman requires post-install configuration for full utilization. A case could be made to automate these steps in the same assistant, but I think it calls for a new application all-together and actually remove the developer tools from Garuda Setup Assistant, partially off-loading the heavy workflow.

That is right.

I agree as of this moment, but I might change my mind.

To those that just got here
Flavors are sets of packages defined by the author, a flavor should be scoped to a developer environment; such as a Python development environment flavor X.

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Having something like podman-support that does the needed setup (like anbox-support) would actually be a nice idea. It could be integrated in the setup assistants development category for easy access :eyes:

I read this after creating the post. +1, definitely an option!