Destroyed my laptop!

Hope you're all doing well.
It's been more than week now since I spilled a half a cup of water straight on to my laptop's keyboard :grin:, and I have been using my tab since then.
My laptop is in my almirah now, and hasn't turned on since that day.
I had managed to force shut down immediately just after the spill, kept my laptop upside down, wiped off all the water, kept it in the sun for a while, and still it seemed to be wet from inside.
I decided to open up my laptop and remove the water from the inside, and indeed a lot of water had seeped inside. I wiped all the water I could see and kept the motherboard under a full speed fan for a couple of hours.

After a couple of hours under the fan, it seemed that all the moisture had evaporated, so I assembled back the laptop.

I crossed my fingers and pressed the the power button.
The dell logo show up! But it was booting directly to Windows :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
, the grub didn't show up.
The Windows booting buffer started and after a couple of minutes, the system was dead, the pixels didn't illuminate :no_mouth:. I think it short circuited :grimacing:!!

Now I can't access any of my Linux installations nor do I have any system to install one on.
I would have to wait till I go to college, for a new laptop for myself :sweat_smile:.
For now I would have to manage with my Samsung S6 lite, which is not at all bad for daily use. It would cut off some distractions for me and help me prepare for college; Linux can be addictive(everyday I had something new to try in this open-source world)!

So sadly I wouldn't be around for a atleast an year now.
I would be checking on the 'Linux news thread' every now and then, and sometimes have a peek into 'Garuda screenshots and art sections'

I would notvbe able to continue my Glorious KDE Plasma thread nor reply on any comments on my Anbox and Waydroid guides.

The next time I would be using Garuda Linux, I think it would be a new experience and things would have chaged.



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Hey, looks like yours and my stories are same , I have also one year left for getting to collage and not you I also get many times distracted from ongoing things in linux but not now ( atleast for some months , because I have stopped using youtube and also have set the time for when I will see garuda forum )

And now I will keep my water bottle at least two meters away from my laptop :sweat_smile:

And how many people are there in this community who are still in school ? :wink:


Been there, done that... :man_facepalming:
I can only offer my sincere condolences.
Sounds like at least the HD survived.


I hope the hd has surviveded, maybe I can a buy a hard drive transfer cable and use my laptop's hd as external hard disk


take the hard disk/ssd out and put it on the new laptop if you have room or buy an enclosure for your disk. Everything is still there... good luck !

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bummer dude I have one rule all drinks consumed near my machines must be in cups with lids non spill 26 years ago I lost a desktop to a very active toddler who could climb like a monkey, lol I was not a happy parent. so since them no food no drinks not chemicals around my machines.


I once got a mild heart attack when I knocked a cup of tea over next to my laptop. Then I realized there were only a few drops spilled, I had finished the tea a few hours ago :sweat_smile:

Good luck.


My laptop table has a cup holder. It is near impossible to spill anything by mistake


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