Desktop frozen BUT the mouse still moves. how to restart desktop?

Glad to see you got through the update, and everything is back up with the new kernel. Good time to make some backups! :eyes:

This one looks fairly straightforward:

Just keep in mind if you are using Fish you don't add values to $PATH like that, you add them like this:

To prepend /usr/local/bin and /usr/sbin to $PATH, you can write:

set PATH /usr/local/bin /usr/sbin $PATH

Fish of course uses ~/.config/fish/, not ~/.bashrc.

The comments of the article mention a few programs that might be worth checking out as well, such as archlinux-java or android-studio.


thanks so much! that should really help :slightly_smiling_face:

what could i try next time if the desktop locks up? is there a good way for me to restart the kde desktop ?

There are numerous commands that can be issued from the terminal to restart KDE or Kwin. We try to encourage new users to search for answers themselves that have been asked and answered many times in the past.


i did and i looked online but alt+space alt+f2 did nothing and i tried kquitapp5 plasmashell and kstart5 plasmashell but they did nothing and/or said those were not programs. thats why i was asking if there was a different version of that type cmd for our garuda dragonized kde5 plasmas or ?

Try these commands:

kwin_x11 --replace &
plasmashell --replace &

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