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I have installed Garuda Deepin and would like the option of having KDE/Cinnamon in the options when signing into the OS. I have downloaded the Ultimate versions and have them on my PC.
What is the correct way of carrying out this task. Thanks.

This is only my personal opinion, others may differ completely. Generally unless you are experienced I would not recommend this type of setup. Deepin is still in the early stages of its latest development phase and it is still very buggy. You may only compound Deepin's inherent instability by installing other desktops alongside (especially KDE). Deepin having swithced to Qt and using the same components such as kwin could cause you problems IMO. Perhaps Cinnamon might not cause as many issues.

Personally I never encourage anyone testing out a new distro to try this as it's only inviting problems IMO. If you insist on going this route I would advise installing the DE on a new user account.

It's your system, so feel free to do whatever you want with it, but if you end up with conflicting configuration files causing instability it's awfully hard to unscramble , scrambled eggs. Generally, fixing the mess it can create can be very time consuming. If you end up with an unstable system often a reinstall is the simplest cure.

So if you're bound and determined flyatter, just know what the potential pitfalls are before you do this. Oh ya, and if you break it, you bought it. There's nobody likely going to spend time trying to fix your system up for you if you mess it up by going down this road.

From the looks of your post history you may have been messing with stuff like this already and found a reinstall was required to fix the mess already once before. So be careful my friend, you play with fire and you're likely to get burned.

Good luck.


Thank you for your opinion. I appreciate the effort you have put in for me. Have not had any problems with other operating systems in the past but will take your advice and stick with one environment. My main focus was installing the Gnome Ultimate but was not able to do so due to the fact that I thought DVD's only would allow 4.7gb and not what was required. I have since found out that there are dual layered dvd's which will allow 8gb and am waiting for their arrival. I have downloaded them and was wanting to know if it was possible to install from the download without burning to a disk but cannot see how to do it. Will be patient and wait for the dual layered dvd's arrival.

Cheers, and I appreciate your help. :relieved:

I'm a bit old school myself, but even I rarely use DVD's for install media these days. Are you using DVD's because you are having issues installing via USB. Perhaps you have a Gigabyte mobo like myself with bad USB support in Linux. If that is the case you can still install from USB, but you'll need to add a kernel boot parameter to use your USB ports to install with.

I went through this a couple of days ago. It is a pain, but it can be worked around if that is your issue.


Much obliged for your support. Am in my 70's now and trying to stay on top of things like this. Will try your method.. I take it you have to download to a flash drive. Is that right?


In the Garuda programs menu under "Utilities" you should find Suse Studio Imagewriter.

It is a very simple program that will write the Garuda ISO to a flashdrive.

Just be careful you send it to the correct drive.

It is super simple to use, just drag and drop the ISO.


Many thanks. This OS has the friendliest and most helpful of any OS that I have used.

Will be sticking with Garuda.


That's nice to hear from a new user. I'm not in my seventies, but I'm rather an old guy myself. So, if folks in their 70's can manage installing Garuda from a flash drive for the first time that speaks a lot to its ease of use.

I'm so glad to be able to help you figure out how to install via flash drive rather than using a DVD. Keeping a DVD around with a boot image burnt to it for rescue purposes is always a good idea. However, installing via that method is usually much slower. If you have issues installing via USB it's always a useful fallback method to keep in your back pocket.

Nice to see the old guys are well represented using Garuda. Welcome, and I hope you get many more years of enjoyable use out of Garuda.


Us old guys know a lot but not as much as the younger ones who have been bought up with this type of technology. Wonder what they will have trouble doing when they get to our age.

BTW, where do I find the Suse Studio Imagewriter? Have looked for it everywhere except where it is.

Cheers from downunder.

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In Deepin open terminal and type

sudo pacman -Syu imagewriter

Thank you. I would never have found it. Downloaded and installed via the suse imagewriter. Much more convenient way of doing things. Someone also suggested Etcher so I will try that as well.

Cheers. :smiley:


Well i'm one of these old guys in my 70s and have kept up with this technology, typing this on Gnome listening to rock music on Bluetooth headphones, in the day its on speakers also running on Bluetooth
I would skip etcher, I just built popsicle this does the same job without spying on you.
Welcome to the forum enjoy Garuda


If imagewriter or

sudo dd bs=4M if=garuda-i3-ultimate-200923-linux-zen.iso of=/dev/sdf status=progress oflag=sync

not possible / work, then use popsicle-git, its in the chaotic-aur :slight_smile:

change name and path to your needs and be sure about the path!!!


Thank you for your suggestions. Will try popsicle. Have used Etcher and Imagewriter now and found that they both do what I want. Have installed Garuda Cinnamon and find that it is what I want/need in an operating system.

Thanks for the assistance. :grinning:


Its nice to have software maintained by users we know we can trust @lollix is one such AUR submitter