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Requesting you for a budgie desktop iso soon

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Definitely not getting one.. Just install the budgie environment..

I think the OP is "requesting" a new edition!
I leave the final answer to the developers, but I definitely don't think this is in the plans, also considering the (not) available maintainers.

Do you have an idea of how much time and effort it takes to create a new working edition?

Unless you meant you wanted to candidate as maintainer, of course


Hi there, welcome to the community.

We would be happy to include Garuda Linux budgie as community edition, if you can maintain it well.
We currently don't have any maintainer for budgie. We will add budgie edition as soon as we find any maintainer for it.


It might be nice to add, but I'd probably want to wait until the Budgie Arch packages/offering is developed a little more following this:

Budgie is still mainly focussed at Solus but as it develops more as a distro-agnostic DE it should have much more of an appeal for an edition.


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