Desktop display text based quotes options for Dr460nized KDE

So I have a newbie question.

My last couple distros were xfce based and both I had to highly tweak to get them to look how I wanted. One of the things I always liked is to have desktop quotes. In xfce I had always used "variety" for wallpapers and quotes. In KDE there's no need of anything for wallpaper management, and I don't want to install variety since many of it's features would likely conflict with things I like better in Dr460nized the way it is. Is there already a place to configure these that I just haven't found yet? If not, is there a standalone desktop quote widget anyone could recommend that I could add to KDE (I could only find stock quote widgets, not text)?

Here's a screenshot of my old desktop showing the quote display on the lower right hand side of the desktop.


Maby install conky hooked up to a shell script that gives you quotes?

Nice idea of having a separate dock for the web shortcuts though.


The application name is Variety. It's been around for years. Easy to setup and install.

pacman -S variety


That wont work

@c00ter, yes variety is what I had used in the past. I am trying to find something else that is a KDE plasmoid/widget preferably - to avoid potential conflicts with other parts of variety like wallpaper management which I want to continue to allow KDE to manage. I might be overthinking this, which is why I was asking these questions. Thanks for your reply.

Have you looked here? KDE Plasma Extensions - KDE Store and here Search: quote


I finally got back to this topic and used @RUanauR 's suggestion to do this with conky.

I installed conky, created the custom config file from the default, then modified the copy to strip out all the various system monitoring items and just get some text displayed from random files, I added a single file with one quote rather than spend the time figuring out how to parse a single file holding multiple quotes due to my lazyness, but if I was to improve this, I would make it so I could read a random quote from a single file.

Here is a screenshot:

Here's my config file, you'll see that I just pick random files in my config directory ending with *txt to display using conky refresh rate of 10. The only tricky part was to change the window to a dock and then add a window rule for conky, to "force" the window "always below". The variables that aren't indented below are the ones I modified or added from the default. The text section I completely replaced with my one liner to display the quote.

conky.config = {
    alignment = 'bottom_right',
    background = false,
    border_width = 1, 
    cpu_avg_samples = 2,
    default_color = 'white',
 default_outline_color = 'black',
 default_shade_color = 'blue',  
    double_buffer = true,    
    draw_borders = false,
    draw_graph_borders = true,
 draw_outline = true,
 draw_shades = true,
    extra_newline = false,
 font = 'Liberation Serif:size=27',
 gap_x = 200,
 gap_y = 100,
    minimum_height = 5,
 minimum_width = 70,
    net_avg_samples = 2,
    no_buffers = true,
    out_to_console = false,
    out_to_ncurses = false,
    out_to_stderr = false,
    out_to_x = true,
    own_window = true,
--added next two lines for transparency  Dale
 own_window_transparent = true,
 own_window_argb_visual = true,
--only need next line if we want partial transparency, and update own_window_transparent to false
 own_window_argb_value = 50,
    own_window_class = 'Conky',
    --own_window_type = 'desktop',
 own_window_type = 'dock',
    show_graph_range = false,
    show_graph_scale = false,
    stippled_borders = 0,
 update_interval = 10.0,
    uppercase = false,
    use_spacer = 'none',
    use_xft = true,

conky.text = [[
${exec cat < `ls ~/.config/conky/*txt | shuf -n 1`}

Here is the window rule, I used the built in window rules from system settings in KDE.

edit: forgot to mention, @c00ter , I did first look for a KDE plasmoid/widget and came up empty, I never found anything remotely like what I wanted.

I also forgot to mention, I used dark colors for outline and shade colors and turned both of those on so the quotes still show up as readable even on lighter colored wallpapers.


How many quote files do you have because I do know you can parse them from 50 files to 1.
but IDK how to do it

I only have nine individual files containing one quote each at the moment.

I'm not trying to combine those into one file, I had everything in one file and broke it out to individual files because I was too lazy to figure out a way to parse a random single quote from a multi-quote file.

Maybe you could use this it would be tricky to set up
You could plug the images through conky.

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