Deletion of Timeshift snapshots caused havoc

Its not criticism if it was it would be classed as constructive criticism,
Before you made any changes you should of researched what you wanted to do. you should of also done a full-backup, you did neither that is not criticism that is pure logic.


My plan was to (1) delete the snapshots -> (2) Make a new backup -> (3) go on with my day. The system crashed right after (1). Will do 2 -> 1 -> 3 next time.

I had arrived at this conclusion without any input from you. Also, it is quite non-constructive to be told to read a catalogue when stuck with a complex problem. I am already familiar with this catalog, and I use it on a daily basis.

You only get my thanks for taking your time to share your ideas.

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Yes, you are the only person exempt from this unnatural pursuit. No one else has ever had to read anything to solve a..."complex problem."


If you were stuck on a math problem would you be OK with me telling you to read a book? Or would you just prefer if the opposite person said "I can't help you" or stay out of it? Just food for thought.

Yep. It's fun learning to solve my own problems based on my own research.

(Imagine that.)


At least I have the patience to talk to strangers, and don't use rude sarcasm to get my point across.

I'll leave it at saying that there are many ways to arrive at a destination. Homo Sapiens is a social species, we are biologically programmed to work within groups/tribes. Up to you if you want to solve everything by yourself.

You asked for help then when told the truth about your actions, you then try to act as the victim come on if you had backed up 1st and done your research you would not be in the position you ended up in.

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Just to prove a point I just removed all but the latest Garuda snapshot from my system rebooted all went fine everything is running fine.
This leads me to believe you have done something else on the system


I had a install that went perfectly. Did all my updates, installed my 3rd party apps, rebooted, tweaker Plasma and the OS, setup Timeshift, ran for a couple of weeks with out any issues. Then one day I went to remove the snapshots, create a fresh snapshot, rebooted and was missing Grub. This happened more than once. I personally think the Timeshift devs broke something. I suggested to someone else that this happened to to fill out a issue report on Timeshift's Github page.

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I think this thread has gone a little off the rails. I would ask everyone to cool it here and stick to the issue at hand that the OP wishes addressed.

I am also of the, point a user in the right direction and let them try to figure things out themselves persuasion. However, I also think that we should be careful not to dogpile severely on users if they aren't doing things the way we prefer.

I've sat this one out because I'm not particularly fond of spending time treating self inflicted injuries. On the bright side this user has learned a lot of important things on the forum in the last couple of days. They are progressing in the right direction so let's cut them some slack please.

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Lets go

All said.

Just to add a further data point to this thread, I deleted all my timeshift snapshots, then created a new backup.

Rebooted, and all is well.


I have recieved a request to add further information to this topic so I will be reopening it briefly for that purpose. This topic simply needs a bit of a cooling off period to keep things civil here is all.


The issue stems from booting into a snapshot from grub and then restoring a timeshift backup while booted in the snapshot.

Afterwards, upon every boot, the machine boots to the system files in /timeshift/btrfs/snapshots/x/
x being whichever snapshot you did the restore in

I noticed the issue when I couldn't boot into a new kernel I had installed. The new kernel was installed to the main system files, but the computer was booting the system from the snapshot instead. All I could see were the old kernels. What really tipped me off is when I uninstalled a kernel and then managed to boot into it with no problems.

In order to fix this, edit the grub entry and replace all instances of /@/timeshift/btrfs/snapshots/x/ with just /@/
You should boot up like normal

After logging in, open up terminal and run sudo update-grub
I would also run sudo pacman -Syu because the post-transaction hooks also seem to help fix all the files with the wrong starting directory
This should fix all the entries in grub to boot to the actual system files not a snaphot

In really bad situation where this does not fix the problem, you can also run sudo grub-install /dev/insert_drive_name_here


Nicely found. This sound like quite a significant bug in Timeshift!


Not accurate from what I understand. Timeshift snapshot select under Grub if you can'r boot into the OS, once back in the OS you launch Timeshift, select the same snapshot you chose from Grub, click restore, and reboot, and you're good to go. Yes new to the forum but that is what I was taught about Timeshift.


Please keep things civilized and the thread will remain open for informational purposes. No flaming or other antagonistic remarks, or the thread will be locked once more.

Keep things civil and respectful please.

Thanks for reoprening so some information above can be corrected. If you have the shapshot option on your Grub menu and select a snapshot of your earlier system cause you can't boot in to the current system once back in the OS using the snapshot you selected during boot you do launch Timeshift select the same snapshot you booted from press restore then reboot when it's gone.


You need to mark this as the solution

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I guess I don't claim to know exactly why this issue happens.

I am fairly sure in my circumstance that I booted into the same snapshot that I restored, but given it was weeks ago, I can not be fully confident. Perhaps, as you say, it is a result of restoring a different snapshot than the one you boot into.

Regardless of how it happens, what I posted above is a solution for when it does happen. I think the more important part here is to get people's systems fixed if it gets borked in this way. After that, the devs can investigate if this is some sort of bug or unintended behavior