Deletion of Timeshift snapshots caused havoc

I got my ISO from Garuda Linux | Download

How can I get the full ISO name from the USB drive? I don't have the original ISO any longer.

My system was just fine before deleting the snapshots, I'd like to think that it is the only bug. But, yes, you may be right; there could be many bugs in my system.

Use this one, please.

Name inside

For reinstall? Or?

Yes, but update could be very big, so wait until @dr460nf1r3 post a link to a better one he has tested.

Maybe also a ISO with zen-kernel may better for you ...

If you have fun use Xfce :wink: , sorry but you are the only one with this many problems so I don not know where the errors come from.


If you try to boot into a snapshot that you have deleted then booting will (understandably) fail.

You'll have to refresh the GRUB boot menu manually if you delete snapshots manually.

You must be joking, or trolling.
You had a total disaster and you mention nothing.


Apologies, I was convinced that it was fixed. The system was running fine a few hours after the fix.

The problem occurred right after the mentioned deletion.

What if I deleted all my snapshots. Is that a problem?

Don't tell me that I boot into my (latest?) snapshot when selecting the "Garuda" option in Grub. Because there are no snapshots, I deleted them all.

What do your fstab entries say?

All my partitions do show up in a partition manager within a live USB. I can get you the log if you need it.

Strangely, garuda-chroot -a, when ran from live USB, doesn't detect any Linux distribution in my system.

Thank you for the time, and effort. Waiting for that link to reinstall.

Moreover, I wouldn't say noone has had these problems before. Something similar happened in 2643; however, unlike him, my Linux install is deleted or cannot be found. I really don't understand what happened here, would be nice to get closure; don't like unresolved mysteries.

This one works :slight_smile:


I am preparing the USB now, thank you.

Moreover, I think that I will keep playing around, and see if I can fix this without reinstall. #opportunitytolearn

Any ideas on how to update-grub without booting into Linux?

instead of expecting others to spoon feed you use the wiki its all their, come on others do not get paid to give you help, you own the mess you have got yourself into
I'm not picking on you just trying to help you to think for yourself and take responsibility for your actions.


Thanks for the criticism.

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Its not criticism if it was it would be classed as constructive criticism,
Before you made any changes you should of researched what you wanted to do. you should of also done a full-backup, you did neither that is not criticism that is pure logic.


My plan was to (1) delete the snapshots -> (2) Make a new backup -> (3) go on with my day. The system crashed right after (1). Will do 2 -> 1 -> 3 next time.

I had arrived at this conclusion without any input from you. Also, it is quite non-constructive to be told to read a catalogue when stuck with a complex problem. I am already familiar with this catalog, and I use it on a daily basis.

You only get my thanks for taking your time to share your ideas.

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Yes, you are the only person exempt from this unnatural pursuit. No one else has ever had to read anything to solve a..."complex problem."


If you were stuck on a math problem would you be OK with me telling you to read a book? Or would you just prefer if the opposite person said "I can't help you" or stay out of it? Just food for thought.

Yep. It's fun learning to solve my own problems based on my own research.

(Imagine that.)