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Hey I've gone through the topics I found when I searched the forum but could not find what I was looking for. I was looking for the one that covered issues with Emby cause the main Garuda user was 1001 and not 1000 which since devs have addressed and changed to 1000. I'm trying to recall if it also affected Rootactions, specifically using them to give ownership in a folder to the active user and because the main user 1001 in Garuda it changed the ownership in other installed OS's. I ask cause I'm trying out OpenMandriva Rome and the default user is set to 1001 in itr and that behavior is happening. If I give ownership to the active user in Rome of say /mnt/ using Rootactions I lose it in Garuda til I reenable it again in Garuda, but then when I go back into Rome I've lost it there again. This behavior did not start til Rome was installed. Anyone remember the discussion? Thanks

But we changed it :smiley:

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Why not just change your UID in openmandriva to 1000?

From a permissions perspective, UIDs are all that matter. So if you change a file to be owned by user 1001 and then switch to another OS where your UID is not 1001 you will not have access unless you do something with groups. However, it is much easier to simply change you UIDs to match between installs if you are sharing files.


I'm simply asking if anyone remembers the thread I'm referring to and if that would do what I asked about. From your post it looks like yes OM being 1001 instead of 1000 will change the permissions I gave /mnt/ in Garuda.

If I change 1001 for 1000 right after a fresh install of OM it shouldn't affect the general operation of what's already installed by the OS, right?

As long as you also change the ownership of the files in your home directory to be owned by uid 1000 it should not matter. That being said, I am not an expert on openmandriva so YMMV.

Thanks dalto the underlying permissions should be the same, that said I found this that also covers files in /. Please let me know what you think. Thanks again, much appreciated.

regardless of that error message the page does work.

Here is a link explaining the method I have used in the past to change the UID:

The approach I use is to always have my user account set to 1000 and to always use the same username on any fresh install. As long as the UID/GID matches and the account has the same username you should be able to share files easily between all OS’s that are Linux based.


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