Default Programs

Any chance you could include the following selections?

Photoviewer - I wanna use nomacs
MoviePlayer - Tired of having to right and select play with VLC
TextEditor -

etc ...

You can set the default programs in KDE exactly the same as in Windows.


Hi @Yamato ,

there is a way to tell your system something like:
"When I click on a <datatype>-file, open <program>."
Its called XDG MIME Applications. You can specify everything, from a single file until whole filetypes.
See XDG MIME Applications - ArchWiki for detailed documentation.
Also find

man xdg-mime

to check out how to use it.

And if you want to know, which filetypes are linked to which program on your system, check out:

cat ~/.config/mimeapps.list

Another "GUI-way" (as @tbg mentioned, the Windows-way) is: you right-click on a file and go to "open with..." -> "other application"
You choose the desired app and checkmark "Assign program to all files of this type..."



perfect. thanks :+1:

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