Deepin 20 is now stable

it's just to inform people that dde is already usable, of course there may be more errors, but according to the promise of deepin 20.2, i believe that the worst phase of dde is over

I am not so stupid to say that dde can bug in the future, but for now it is usable for the day to day with some mistakes


i have tested on my system and i must say leave the fingers of it

i will try to show you how

okay expert maybe get it run but not an all day run and easy install system

i have an hp envy convertible intel i5 gen 7 ram 8 gb and install it on an extern usb hdd 320 gb
my bios setting is fastboot of and no uefi only so i prior usb to boot
and the system boot first in uefi before my onboard installed system

here my experience

Installation Problems

in wlan settings there are no connections after reclick everzthings okay

after Installation

can't restart or reboot or everything no button function

after restart there will ask wlan pw again

and new libggde or something

i will try all updates

another issue is the date time settings all on german but in terminal and other like in english

cant restart or shutdown anyway

after install all packages available and power of the laptop with hardbutton
i must again tipp the wlan pw and set off the nightlight

cant choose bt for my hardware

the welcome menu and assistant has close option after update

in installation there where a prob with a lib thing don't know

after that i can't close garuda assistant there where no close button also in timeshift

then there where a firefox crash
youtube with integratet speakers are normal but no connection possible to bt

after i fresh install new one gig install okay i will prove

sorry i know that you can fix everything with time and work but i doesn't work for me

tooo many faults and time wasted energy and work to get it well

things that havn't worked after install all updates

  • shutdown restart
  • bt selection in menue
    -and many thing in the installation
    -after updates and mods it will function a little bit


first I see that I did not update the system
And to activate the internet connection try the nmtui