Decrease dirty bytes for more reliable USB transfer

After Gitlab issue.

First of all Thanks for such a unique Linux distro with nearly every facility for daily desktop users and Love from Pakistan, a lot of respect for Indian brothers.

Linux still has many problem that forces a user to switch back to Windows again and again. One of the major problem is Transferring data to USB drives. I serve linux for to many local internet cafe shops to avoid viruses but due to the well known data transfer to USB issue. They request me to install Windows again and that is is very disappointing.

This is well known issue discussed in manjaro linux forms several times and present in every linux distro for 8 to 10 years. But still no one fixed it permanently. I want it to be fixed in Garuda Linux. Dolphin and other file manger do not report file transfer to USB accurately. Every time Everyone have to wait while clicking on Eject usb drive button. I know there are temporary fixes available but they are neither efficient nor reliable
Atlest patch KDE Dolphin to show data transfer to USB device and not to RAM.


I don't really see an alternative to setting sync here. Ideally, I'd like to lower the write cache size exclusively for USB drives instead of forcing sync.

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Well maybe :thinking:


I watch my USB transfers with watch -n 1 -d grep -e Dirty: -e Writeback: /proc/meminfo, so I would lean towards this as the answer.


So please make things default in Garuda instead of every user to do things manually. Also I do not know how to decreae dirty bytes only for USB devices and not for other devices like addition ssd or network drives.

I would like instead to see it as an option in Garuda Assistant or especially in Garuda Settings Manager. The reason being that there are consequences of doing this, ones that are not good for everyone by default.

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