Dark theme question

I have the dark theme enabled in FireDragon, but when opening pdf files, my eyes are bleeding.

Is there a way to force a dark theme when opening pdf files?

I'm on the mobile now and cannot check, but I think this could be solved setting privacy.resistFingerprinting to false.
If it does, anyway, you loose an important privacy features.

NOOOOO, I'm not willing to make that change.

Hopefully, another way can found. I'm opening to using a different pdf reader if necessary.

I found NightPDF in the AUR. I'm going to try that and will report back here.

IF the pdf reader is built-in, then an extension (such as Dark Reader) MIGHT be of use - but otherwise it is embedded in the pdf file, and would need steps to be taken to change it, then reopen...

Hope that helps....?

You could try a Firefox extension (Toggle Resist Fingerprinting) that enables/disables Fingerprinting with 1-click. Then before opening the PDF you disable and renable after.
That is IF Fingerprinting is the issue here and IF you accept manual solution.


I was able to install NightPDF, but wasn't able to get to open any pdf files.

Yeah, I can try that. Thanks !!!