Danisk keymap

I am using MATE version, and I having a keyboard issues.

I have set keyboard for Danish (no dead keys) in the control center in MATE.
In / etc / vconsole, conf it is set to KEYMAP = dk-latin1
But it is not helping. I still have English keyboard :cry:

How do I get Danish in my terminal.

Hi @Snubbi.

I must admit this is never an issue I've dealt with, as I'm an English speaker so pretty near everything defaults to English US anyways. Whenever you need a question answered on an Arch based distro usually the Archwiki or the Arch forums are the most authoritative place to check.

Why don't you take a look at some of the search links below and if you don't make any headway perhaps someone more familiar with your issue can assist you when they get a chance.

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