Damn I got lucky!

I just had to share this because I feel bad to the bone right now. I guess last night's update didn't go well because when I rebooted it a minute ago I booted to a black screen. This is the first time I've had trouble in Garuda, I think . I entered a TTY and tried to update . My system is proxied and I guess I'm not booting far enough for the Wi-Fi to connect. So I switched to USB tethering which is not proxied like my Hotspot is. I know the bash export command to set a proxy but I don't know how to set it to no proxy. In fact, I didn't even think the export command would work in fish because it seems like fish told me some other way to do it once when I tried export. But look how lucky I got just guessing.

Now I get to hit enter and see how lucky I really am LOL.

EDIT: Dang. I really am bad to the bone.

It's good to be king.


Boot into a snapshot. You do have them, right?


Good to see Chaotic-AUR playing nicely with the 390xx drivers. :grin:


I better. They sure slow down my updates. But had I used a snapshot, I still wouldn't know how to remove proxy settings with export. Export and proxy tutotials leave that out, which is why I had to guess. Snapshots are cool, I think, but I don't just want to be good at Garuda. I want to be able to help others someday, like you do, whatever they're running. That's why I often take the harder approach. GUIs and fancy tools, in my opinion, are for those who already know how to do it. I'm trying to learn here.

Plus, fixing it youself is so satisfying. I'm sure you know the feeling.


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