Customizing Garuda DE

Hi there, I'm looking to switch to Garuda and I'm wondering about customizing the desktop environment after install. I'm moving from KDE because unfortunately I'm getting freezes of my system from transfering/extracting and installing large files (even on a fresh install). I think I'm going to go with Cinnamon.

I'm wanting to customize and theme the desktop differently to how Garuda ships it, and I want to know if I can just install the iso and use the built-in cinnamon settings app theming to do this? Or are there more configurations done behind the scenes that will make it buggy? I've read that you can remove the garuda-dr4g0nized package and create a new user to start from a vanilla kde environment, should I do the same kind of thing with cinnamon?

Also, if I customize my DE and then there's an update to garuda-cinnamon-settings will that overwrite and erase all my work?


Hi there, welcome to the community.
I am currently the maintainer of Cinnamon Edition.

You can do anything that you can do with any Cinnamon installation. But just for the sake of safety, make sure to keep backups of theme and changes you make, and you are good to go.


You don't have to do it.

Well, most probably no.


How about trying to track down the actual issue you are having instead of blaming the desktop environment. You particular hardware setup my be incompatible with Plasma but the odds are against that. Please post the output of garuda-inxi as the template you deleted to make your post asked you to do. Then AFTER you post that in the same post clearly explain when this behavior started.


@Locutus they are not having an issue, they didn't even install Garuda yet. It was just a question about if they can run a vanilla theme. Please, be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Rodgi like Naman mentioned, the theme can be customized just as easily as in any other distro, right in the normal settings menu. You don't need to add or remove any packages if you want to use stock theming, and updates will not revert your theming choices.


Thanks guys! That's great to hear. And thanks Naman for maintaining this spin, I'm excited to try it out!

Sounds good, which directories would those be in to back up?

Like Bluish said I'm not currently using Garuda. I'm on EndeavourOS. And the reason I'm saying the problem has something to do with KDE is that I've tested transferring/extracting the same files on different desktop environments (both with my current installation and with fresh installs on a separate drive) and the problem only happens on KDE. I haven't tested things extensively but for right now I don't have the energy to figure it out and I just want a DE that I don't have to deal with this problem on. I'll probably revist this sometime in the future.

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The directories that you change....


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