Customization can make your desktop more fun

I love garuda and have been using it as my main workstation for a very long time now, especially considering the relative youth of the distro.
I was a fedora and opensuse user for years, then i saw garuda's theming and was attracted, then read about the advantages the distro brings to the table, and I tried it, and have been using it ever since.
One thing I like to remind new users of linus is that you don't have to live with what the distro provides for the desktop layout.
For example i run an large ultrawide monitor, I think the aspect is like 43:18. and i tend to have a lot of windows open in that big of a desktop space. I did NOT like the top menu taking the file menu off of applications, manly because it means a lot of mouse movement when you are in gimp.
So i removed that, and restored the menus to the app windows. Then i realized I could move the top latte bar to the bottom, and offset the dock upwards a few pixels so it doesn't sit in the bar, and stays pretty.
This is just a small example of how to make linux your OWN. Don't be afraid to customize your desktop to what YOU like, you are the one using it every day.
Garuda makes this easier than pretty much any other distro i have tested, because dragonized is just visually stunning to start. (Needs wobbly windows by default, though. Can't run kde without the wobblies.)
Big thanks to the Garuda team for all the work they throw into this. Go to distrowatch and leave a review, tell all your youtubers to feature it.


Please don't. :sweat_smile:

I for one don't want the forum and Telegram flooded with clueless users who think Garuda is a consumer-oriented OS designed for gamers who want bling. :joy:


However, positive honest reviews left at Distrowatch are appreciated. This simply helps offset the reviews from haters that generally don't understand what Garuda is trying to achieve.


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