Customisation TO make it look like Mac OS

Hello Team,
Actually i am a huge fan of Mac os and garuda's appmenu is like mac os , can anyone please guide me on how to make garuda linux look like macos those tutorials on youtube just made my system laggy amd unstable . Pls help me

Why don't you buy mac or get something like hackintosh (if legal)

From scratch, naah. But you can ask if you want some particular things.

Restore defaults from Garuda assistant.


Bro that was sarcastic but ok no probs i cant do a hackintosh cause my intel drivers are not supported in the opencore chart

Not really.
Actually, it is not legal thing to copy some other os design. So, we can't guide you to make Garuda like mac.
That's why I said


Latte + AUR (en) - mcmojave-circle-icon-theme

Hide panel . . . That's basically it, no?


Maybe ask the people who made the tutorials for support?


Thank you i asked this because i tried changing the global theme and the icon theme but few icons did not change and there were instabilities like the screen went black and all so i asked if there was anyother way ,
Thank you for the speedy reply

you can use latte layouts

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