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so im trying to create my own link/launcher to weechat with a specific screen command added on, on my desktop but i cant seem to get it to work, i get no window, almost like no response...
exactly what im trying to run, im trying to force it to use xfce4-terminal for this, i can get it to open the terminal but not run the specific command: screen -d -R weechat weechat
tried using command: xfce4-terminal then went to advanced options and Run in Terminal and did screen -d -R weechat
I've tried alot of different ways but apparently im missing the right way lol

any help would be greatly appreciated thanks much

The best way should be to create a shell script and then a .desktop file. You can find a lot of tutorials on this topic.


You can create a script to execute something in a shell with whatever extra stuff you want. Here is an example.

Create a script and put it somewhere, chmod it to be executable, and put it somewhere it can be seen. In this example, it's called "myscript"

echo "executing \"$*\""
echo ""
sudo $* || true
sudo -s

In ⌁/.local/share/applications copy the default desktop file installed by the application and edit it to use your script for starting it.

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/path_to_your_script/myscript "aircrack-ng --help"

in the example, put whatever args you need in place of --help.


Just as was suggested in the above posts, make a shell script, make it executable, make a .desktop file and put it in ~/.local/share/applications and in the .desktop file, make sure the path points to your shell script ( absolute path ).

I employ this method to use Docfetcher and a custom feh Folder slideshow/copy script. It works great.

i ended up doing a simple bash script

screen -d -R weechat weechat

and linked the launcher to that, works like a charm, no issues, works exactly how i want/need it to. thank you all for the assistance

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