Custom file naming

I use Emby media server and for some ridiculous reason they think it’s OK not to use A, The, El, LA, etc… as the first part of the file name when sorting TV shows and movies. Since I really don’t feel like going through all my TV shows and Movies in Emby and correcting this does any one know how to make Dolphin ignore A, The, El, LA, and so on as the first part of a file name and sort by the second word in those cases? Thanks

If you compare Dolphin to Emby for those top two rows alone you will see exactly what I’m referring to in regards to the naming convention difference.

I would check the Emby documentation. I use Tiny Media Manager currently and those prefixes can be easily removed in its settings. I believe all other media managers I have used in the past have this option. So, I imagine Emby should contain this option (or at least it should).


Thanks for the reply and input, much appreciated. After doing an extensive search yesterday and this morning I found that their is supporse to be a system.xml file where excluding A, The, ect… can be removed, but I could not find it on the system. I did one final Google search to see if I could find the location of the file with no luck, but I did fine by accident that they have a metadata manager. If you look at my image there is a hamburger button on the leftside of their interface next to the home button. That allows for one to select metadata manager and edit each show or movie right there. Not exactly what I was looking for as a solution, but it works. The last time I fixed the metadata by clicking the 3 dots on each show took me the better part of 2 hours cause I had to search for what a mislabeled show actually is. The way I found today has all the information right there. I was done correcting names and adding A, The, etc… to the titles in less than 15 minutes. The only thing I’m PO’ed about is the fact that none of the forum staff on their forums could be bothered to mention this feature. Matter of fact I got the impression that they’d just as soon have no one figure it out.