Cursor xorg xcursorgen config file error

hi! I'm attempting to install custom cursors using xorg-xcursorgen.

I've installed it successfully but am getting a config file error when I try to generate my cursors. wasn't sure what was wrong with the file or if it's some kind of bug w the distro , I tried it with and without bin bash header, I made sure everything all png files are in place and everything is executable with appropriate permissions.


48 11 12 chroma-cursor.png

What error, and in what situation?


I found a work around!
it required me to turn PNG files into XMC inside GIMP, please note when exporting, XMC files requires you to enter hot X,Y pixel coordinates inside the PNG to specify the cursor click location. once all desired cursors are in XMC format and renamed put them into

usr/share/icons - any of the cursor folders

to avoid messing anything up I duplicated a stock cursor folder and edited the images within. hope this helps anyone looking to customize their cursors!

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