Currently rolling out: Introducing Garuda System Maintenance

Hello everyone!
Quick heads up! We're introducing a new application that will replace the Garuda Settings Manager tray notifier the next time you update your system (if you accept it): Garuda System Maintenance!

This new tray application has the goal of making Garuda Linux more user-friendly by automating common tasks and automatically fixing common issues.

It currently has the following feature set:

  • Notify about any new posts in the forum category #announcements:announcements-maintenance, which will be used for any future required manual interventions (of which I hope there will be few!)
  • Automatically update the chaotic-keyring package in the background to prevent the common "invalid or corrupted package" issue
  • Prompt to update the garuda-hotfixes package, a new package with the purpose of allowing us to apply emergency fixes that need to be applied before a normal system update. An example would be fixing an issue that prevents a successful system update automatically.
  • A settings menu to configure the application, for those who want to disable certain features.

I'm planning on adding other functionality to the application in the future, but this will be what I start out with. Why am I going to replace the Garuda Settings Manager notifier? It simply serves almost no purpose for our distro other than notifying about language packs and just takes up space in the system tray, while Garuda System Maintenance can provide useful functionality and make Garuda Linux more user-friendly.

You can try the application right now by installing the garuda-system-maintenance package, however don't expect anything to happen. The application is designed to work in the background quietly until it takes action, at which point it will notify you, or in case of the garuda-hotfixes package, ask you for consent.

If you've got any concerns or ideas (perhaps ideas for issues it could help address), please let me know! Thanks!


Garuda System Maintenance should now be installed when the system is updated! Now here's to hoping I didn't make a massive mistake that ends up breaking a bunch of systems :sweat_smile:


I have confidence in you :fist:t4:


Adaptation is never wrong. Indeed those who do are the one who survive

Best of Windows & Linux makes an ideal product


:joy: :laughing: even if , its worth sacrifice a week of workfor a better year of experience

Many may reply it isn't windows feature , but it has a slight trait if windows framework of delivering update , manage & control updates IMO

Introducing #announcements:announcements-maintenance
is best because those who dont forum & use simply may face issue like happened to merge .pacnew , So now it would make rolling better


In as much as it doesn't hold your machine usable for 20 minutes or so, it isn't.
So, similar in principle. Superior in function. :grin:


Yup. As i intended to convey :+1:t5:


Much more suitable name. And great features. Much appreciated! Another step forward to noob friendly distro. :wink:


Here is an Idea: Suggest this post to users if found running on a laptop. Should cut down a lot of posts.


Wowwwwwwwww team this is awesome ,Even more easier for noobs ,Well done as alot of Distros are scary to new users,im sure once the word spreads about the up coming changes .users will grow.I have introduced a few friends and family to Garuda ,Keep up the great work .


I don't necessarily agree with all the suggestions in this post, so I'd rather not tbh


Shoot. It would be about time someone breaks my system besides me. I ain't scared. Thanks for your hard work!!


Please reply on that post with whatever changes/disagreements you have. I am updating the post as I learn so it may contain information that may not be true.


I can sure respect that, and your guts are impressive.

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Well it helped that the garuda team encourage literally everyone interested to help out in the forums. So instead of waiting I simply started writing the guide and as I learned I updated it. You can check all my revisions on the post itself I believe.


Sorry but if it works on a desktop it will work on a laptop without any "special" customization.

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following this i was able to get my fans to work correctly on my laptop, before they would run non stop and for no reason, this post really helped me out, i think i was very well written! :+1:


Nope, that's not always the case. Trackpads sometimes need special adjustments, double graphics should be setup for power saving, battery is not infinite. But it's not that bad, of course.

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Just rolled out an update most of you will probably (and hopefully) never see :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If a system hasn't been updated in over 14 days, it will now display a message informing the user of the situation and helping them update the system:

The partial upgrade info notification now also features the same update system button.

In general, it's my goal for GSM to stay out of the way as much as possible, so I hope >14 days doesn't trigger for too many experienced users who just don't update regularly. Of course, you can always just turn the notifications off :slight_smile:


Works when it's supposed to. Disappears when it's not. Just the way I like it!

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As much as I dislike Windows, I do enjoy some of the features that help with ease of use like notifications and not requiring much user input. Garuda really is the Linux system that bridges that gap between Windows and Linux for me in the ease of use sense. Love this feature as I wouldn't have thought about it but simply turning on my laptop and seeing the notification was just amazing. Didn't expect to see hotfixes like that pushed to my system with a notification so it's good to know that it can be done. Massive thumbs up to the developers as always!