Cryptpad and Nextcloud shutting down soon ⚠️

Hello everyone! :blush:

We want to let you know that our Cryptpad and Nextcloud instances are getting shut down & cleared in two weeks. This has a two simple reasons:

  • The biggest amount of registered Garuda Cloud users are seemingly not using it, which effectively blocks the available resources for other users
  • Cryptpad is also rather abandoned

The plan is to let Garuda Cloud return after it has been cleared. Since our previous "open registration" plan wasn't quite successful, we want to learn from this experience and change the whole process for the better. Access will likely only granted based on certain conditions - eg. participation in the forum. By this, we want to make sure that our loyal users are able to benefit from our offerings! A concrete plan will follow once the cleanup has been completed.

Since the reset will wipe all existing data, please make sure to backup things properly! :warning:


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I think 2 weeks is far too short for such an issue. Being not able to depend, that my data stays save, when you get trusted with it, is EXACTLY the type of reason, why I would never sign up for it.

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The only way to keep data safe is to store it on various media in various places.
The only thing that is really secure is that there is no eternal life.


Perhaps you should put a warning on Garuda Welcome or remove the Nextcloud link on Garuda Welcome ?


Good Idea.


It is nice that garuda provides certain web applications and software hosted on their server. But I understand that it is not good to leave everything in an open way.
I really like the idea of having benefits according to your participation in the community and it wouldn't be a bad idea on my part to put a payment plan for certain Web Applications like Cloud.


So - you aren't affected by it but are saying how terrible it would be... to have to move 250MB of data? :rofl:

If people were donating towards a server's running costs and were storing significant amounts of data then it would be a completely different situation.


You can share something like that on and similar

I always prefer an updated garuda inxi for problem solving, but the inxi section was created to post it here in the forum and not somewhere on the internet.
Also, garuda has its own PrivateBin area for logfiles etc. that are longer than 32,000 characters. Just look at the top right.


Oh, I didnt know that this is actually the expected behavior. It looked to me, like an individual posted it here, since they didnt knew another place for their post.

Just looked really off, when looking over the forum posts.

And considering that Geruda shuts down Nextcloud and Cryptpad, and doing so in rapid fashion and not really giving an appropriate time window to restore the trusted data, I wary to recommend such a service, to be frank.

I think, if you offer a service that includes a long-term commitment, and then it gets stripped away from your feet, that is not really trustworthy.

You would also not find it funny, when Arch strips away crucial packages virtually overnight, just because less people other than you are using it, when you rely on it actually.

Your posts are off-topic there, so I moved them here.

Maybe the content of this topic will help you.

Cryptad was a great concept with end to end encryption for documents. An average Joe like me may not have any real case use for such a great app, but its good to see how many services are offered to its users. Kudos to the Garuda Linux team.

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