Crosair KeyBoard K30 disconnects

Hey, Im having problems with Garduda KDE Dragoniziad, im on linux lts kernel, when i connect my K30 Keyboard , it works until it disconnects and sometimes i can reconnect manually and it works but sometimes i have to disconect my keyboard and let the systemd boot and then connect it again to make it work.

Dmesg doesnt show a thing. I made something to connect android phone in udev its posible to make it to my keyboard???

Thanks for advance.

Powersaving doing this?


Have you tried with a different kernel?

Please post the output of inxi -Fza as text.

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powersave maybe doing this.

I see you are on KDE. If using wayland I have found that the zen kernel works best.


@SGS I respect your opinion but I want to maintain my hardware private, With the solution I will include all data.

Thanks @elloquin I will try that, its to work until the end of this month.

Its posible to install openRC in Garuda? I really dont like systemd.

BTW, I delete my post, but you know, everybody can copy and paste you're "private data" from bin. After that, it's not private anymore.

No, we like systemd.
Maybe it's better for you to change the Distribution?

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@SGS i know . Systemd its merable imposible to maintain with 1.3 millon of lines. KISS is the model we must keep using.

Solution installing Artix linux.

That's not a solution, it's an excuse. :smiley:

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