Critical bug: Gaming edition installer has boot-blocking package conflict


Sorry if posting in incorrect place - started only yesterday, brand new to this distro, found a show-stopper bug and know how to fix it - wanted to share it with the devs.

I think I have this figured out, so it’s mostly a matter of tech person transfering it to the iso file.
Issue only in dragonized gaming edition - the “dragonized-only” doesn’t have it.

Right to the matter - live usb couldn’t boot past “Goal reached graphical user interface” (or something like that). It’s not really “frozen” per-say, but won’t progress past that point. Can still switch to other terminals, or ctrl-alt-delete to perfrom “soft restart” (linux output shows correct shutdown procedure being initialized).

Switched to second terminal, read through the logs: the mhwd failed when installing nvidia drivers.
Failure reason - pacman reported package conflict between python-pyxdg and python-xdg.
python-xdg is a dependency for oversteer (logitech mouse wheel handler) and nothing else.
sudo pacman -R oversteer python-xdg
sudo mhwd --install pci nvidia-something-something

After this live usb booted correctly.

As the issue is a show-stopper, I believe system boot should take priority over mouse wheel working nice.
I still couldn’t complete the GE installation - after reboot it just goes straight into kernel panick; barely managed to boot into terminal, tried force-reinstalling all packages, but pacman reported pretty much every single package broken, including network manager - hence can’t reinstall. But I don’t really care to deal with that - base dragonized installed quick and easy.

System specs:

  • CPU: Ryzen 3900
  • RAM: 2x G.Skill 16Gb 3600 16-19-19-36
  • Graphics: Asus ROG Nvidia GeForce 2080 Super OC
  • MB: Asus ROG Stric X570E-gaming
  • Others: Asus ROG Ryuujin 360 AIO cooler.

Hope this helps with new people coming in.

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Thanks for giving us feedback about the critical problem in garuda dragonized gaming edition :slightly_smiling_face:
And :
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This is a great finding, gotta implement this right away. Thanks for letting us know about it :slight_smile:


This explains why especially this edition was overly problematic for NVIDIA users. Thanks again!


@MinamiYuri the latest ISO contains this fix. I have run it but I don’t have NVIDIA anymore so I can only tell it works fine with open source drivers.

If you can try it out that would be great.


I appreciate the quick fix. I can confirm that the ISO booted up fine now - in fact, I’m typing from it.

However, there is now an issue with the installer not starting. Seems like packages got upgraded beyond what the calamares depends on. Console output:

╭─garuda@garuda in ~ as 🧙 took 2s
[🔴] × calamares
calamares: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

╭─garuda@garuda in ~ as 🧙 took 2s
[🔴] × sudo find / -name "*libyaml-cpp*"
find: ‘/proc/15751/task/15751/net’: Invalid argument
find: ‘/proc/15751/net’: Invalid argument
find: ‘/run/user/1000/doc’: Permission denied

It seems like 0.7 doesn’t exist in arch repos.

╭─garuda@garuda in ~ as 🧙 took 54ms
╰─λ sudo pacman -Ss yaml-cpp
extra/yaml-cpp 0.8.0-1 [installed]
YAML parser and emitter in C++, written around the YAML 1.2 spec

Last time I bypassed this by symlinking the newer version out of desperation, which might, just might, be why my installation was 100% broken :grinning:

So… I guess time to recompile calamares? :slight_smile:

p.s. I’m fine testing these things up to “begin installation” button, but please note I already made a comfortable home with the base version, and don’t want to reinstall on top :slight_smile:

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Tnx for pointing out, we will take a look.
Calamares was working a few days ago so things change quickly. :smiley:


I just did that, thanks for confirming this did in fact fix the boot process :rocket:


The latest Gaming ISO has a working Installer, was able to install and reboot.


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