Creative Starship prompt

Lately, I have been configuring my starship prompt and I am pretty satisfied with with my current shell prompt. I think this is a very niche subject but hey, I like my prompt more minimalist so I am going to post it here.
This is my current prompt:-

I don't always need to know that I am the one(user) working on my system. Same is the case with hostname.
I just need git status so I my prompt when I am in a git project is something like this:-

Also, this prompt is almost similar to one I have been using in fish. It is called Sashimi prompt. you can check it out here. I just tried to implement it in starship as best as I could.
I dont have my starship prompt in my dotfiles, but I will add and share the link soon. Meanwhile, please share your shell prompt configs


Nobody needs to know, actually :joy:


Here is the gist.


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