Creation of Keywords for Garuda .desktops

Currently, it looks like all the .desktop files for Garuda applications are missing Keywords, and thus are only able to be located by Garuda or a direct part of the application's title. Even worse, only in their English names, since a few don't have translations yet.

  • Garuda Assistant could use a keyword of update or package since it contains a shortcut to updating the system as well as basic package management tasks.

  • Garuda Boot Repair and Garuda Boot Options could use keywords relating to startup and grub

  • Garuda Gamer could use gaming and emulator/emulation as they are different tenses but still directly related, and don't overlap with the root word game.

  • BTRFS Assistant could also have some keywords like disk, scrub, and snapper. I suppose that's @dalto's prerogative to decide.

This is a pretty small quality of life improvement, and shouldn't be a priority, but it's good to make note of nonetheless.


I'd want to see performance and powersave as well, because enabling/disabling powersave/performance options is the most frequent thing I do.

BTRFS Assistant could also have some keywords like disk , scrub , and snapper

'filesystem' could be added as well.

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Added them! :slight_smile:


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