CPU Power GUI - great tool to set CPU frequency scaling


Great GUI tool! The easiest way to set up CPU frequency scaling. By default Garuda cranks everything to the max. I have a slight OC on my CPU at 5 GHz. There is no reason to keep the CPU clocks at max.

I've had it on balanced scaling from 800 MHz to max and I've had no crashes at all. Wine still does crash some times, but it no longer freezes the whole system.

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We already ship various options in Garuda assistant and if you don't want to max out performance, you can simply get autocpufreq etc from there.

Also, you can enable nohang to prevent freezes btw.

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@His_Turdness That's funny I don't have that on my install. Where is it located or what command line you run?

I don't think it comes with Garuda. I installed from AUR.

Didn't know about nohang. Gonna try it out. Autocpufreg didn't do anything for me, which is why I needed cpupower-gui.