Cozy App uninstall problem

Hello everyone,

I recently installed an app called Cozy, tried it out and classified it as unusable for me and thus uninstalled it again as normal using the pamac package manager. Now the app still appears in the general overview of apps, has to be clicked and opens, although it has been officially removed and no longer appears under pacman -Q. Even if I try to delete them with pacman -R cozy it doesn't work. Does anyone know how I can delete this app and why does it still appear. Even after updating the database and deleting orphaned packages, etc., the app is still there.

I'd guess it might have created a launcher in ~/.local/share/applications ? :eyes:


Gihub/Gitlab link?
There are "thousend" Cozy "apps" :slight_smile: (173)

Don't use it for de/install, just use it for searching apps.

Since you didn't post your garuda-inxi, we can't see if you rebooted the system or not!

Did you?


I always install and uninstall programms over the packagemanager pamac 10.5.2-1 (Software hinzufügen/entfernen) in gnome I don't use octopi. As attached the app cozy
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I found the solution with this command:

flatpak uninstall com.github.geigi.cozy/x86_64/stable
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That doesn't mean it always goes well.
It can lead to problems, trust me :wink:


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