Could you please add the following packages and their dependencies to chaotic-aur

  1. riseup-vpn (a great easy to use VPN)

  2. FlightGear (A wonderful open-source promising Flight simulator, which growing day-by-day, and might one day be at par with Microsoft Flight Sim -a must-try project.
    By the way, it is increasing in popularity day by day)

  3. FlightGear-data (Important Dependency of the above)

  4. FlightGear-git

  5. FlightGear-data-git

  6. Simgear (Important Dependency of the above)

  7. plib (Important Dependency of the above)


Already a topic for this

Perhaps give a reason too why you think these applications would be useful. :wink:

Especially since flightgear is currently flagged out of date.