Coudn't install Garuda

Hello there! I'm Miles.
I downloaded the Garuda KDE Dr460nized version for my laptop. Before booting this on my real hardware, I'm trying to boot this up on VM ware Workstation. I saw a some installation instruction videos but there's still an issue. The first boot screen of this OS looks different from the the one in the video. I can show how it looks as I have clicked the picture, but unfortunately I'm a new user and can't upload pictures :confused:
Pls help me ...

Garuda is not made for VMs you could have some problems. Please do inxi -Fza. If you have a nvidia card you can try booting from open source drivers. Proprietary takes time to boot and doesn't show anything for it so it looks like it is stuck but it is not. You can try waiting if you want for the proprietary drivers.


No... the issue is different,, the booting interface should be like this :


but what I see on my pc is this :

whats the problem? and how can I fix this ?

That booting interface is for another version of garuda. There is no problem with your booting interface because you are using KDE Dr460nized. The video you were referring to must be for a different Garuda flavor or a older version.


Ohh! yea this makes sense,
but which option should I click on ?
"Boot with open source drivers" or "Boot allowing proprietary drivers (NVIDIA)"

Try nvidia if you have a nvidia card. But if it doesn't work you can do open source.


the booting interface of Garuda KDE Dr460nized looks like this :



The second one in live iso. After installing and updating the boot interface changes a bit.


I clicked on "Boot with open source drivers" as u said to...
but now it's stuck here :

the counting just goes on.. nd never stops

As I said before:

You can just wait more, I heard it taking someone fifteen mins while booting in live iso. I have noticed that the start job listed takes longer to boot then other services. :man_shrugging: I had this problem too when I was trying to install garuda first with nvidia card. I used boot with proprietary drivers and it seemed to be stuck but it was not and waiting fixed it.


Okay I'll wait, what else can I do :slight_smile: btw, I'm new to this garuda forum, some options are like discord here.
when I try to upload an image it says new users cannot upload images, when will I be able to upload ?

When you reach Trust Level 1 probably

ohh okay ,,, will I be able to use all the apps on garuda that I use on win 10?

Many apps and games with wine and proton but not all of them.

my pc has 8GB RAM & 250GB SSD ,, will garuda work smoothly ? and does microsoft and google apps are usable there ?

These are the requirements listed on the garuda linux download page:

Minimum requirements

  • 30 GB storage space
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Video card with OpenGL 3.3 or better
  • 64-bit system

Many android apps work with anbox and many windows apps works with wine and proton.

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Bro its now more than 40 mins .. nd it's still counting,! I think it's stuck :confused: what should I do ?

what is the difference between "KDE Dragonized Edition" and "KDE Dragonized Gaming Edition" ?

Gaming edition has many other pre installed apps for gaming like Discord etc, but you can always manually install them on the normal version.

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inxi -Fza

from live-ISO as text.
Start reading the wiki. How to search, install and post.
Welcome :slight_smile:

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