Cosmic DE ISO

Has anyone had luck with building the Rust based DE Cosmic yet, and created maybe a custom ISO with it?

I would like to try that, without messing up my current system, or doing all in a VM.

From their GitHub: "COSMIC DE is very much still work-in-progress and thus does not follow a versioning scheme so far."

You can always build & maybe install it as another GNOME shell, I would think. There are still a number of issues: Issues · pop-os/cosmic-epoch · GitHub

IMHO, most stable distribution developers have enough on their plates already. PopOS hasn't finished it yet.

It will be an interesting DE.:slight_smile:


As another Gnome Shell?

This is Rust and iced

Yes, another GNOME shell, just like Deepin was when it started. Regardless of what programming language it was written with (or what GUI, either). GTK & Rust are not incompatible.

No. It was like this at the start, and they got rid of it. GTK was always meant to be a temporary solution for this new DE. It might be, that there are still GTK parts in it, but it's not a GNOME shell, it's an own DE :slight_smile:

Look, PopOS itself is a shell...but who cares? I'm done here. :slight_smile:

PopOS has been a riced Gnome shell, but is it still that post-Rust?

Depends on your point of view I guess... :face_with_monocle: Heck, mate is a shell, where instead of extensions you have panel widgets.


it's a totally different thing.

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