Correct pronunciation of Garuda Linux

To Garuda Linux Team,

It's very proud to see that there is an Indian Linux distro available in market. It is also giving competition to other distros. The most attracting thing is श्री at the top of website.

I humble request to all of your team that Could you please pronounce Garuda Linux as "गरुड़" not "गरुड़ा".

If you are from south part of India then you must know that गरुड़ा is the 3rd form of गरुड़ which means that more than 2 गरुड़.

I know we already mislead many Hindi/Sanskrit words like राम, योग, कृष्ण, भीम, अर्जुन, परमहंस, गणेश, etc. All they became now रामा, योगा, कृष्णा, भीमा, अर्जुना, परमहंषा, गणेशा because of our nemesis towards English Language.

But someone must start to take stand against wrong pronunciation of Sanskrit/Hindi/Indian words.

Don't you see people around you those are more ego friendly about English pronunciation but become careless about pronunciation of Indian words.

Even Sadhguru miss correct pronunciation of these words.

These things are shame on us.

I argue many people around Garuda community for same but they replied that Official website pronounce it as गरुड़ा. That's why I have to write this to your team.

I appreciate If you intentionally correct pronunciation of गरुड़ Linux and help our country to aware People about this.

Bhanu Pratap

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My translation program and I don't understand anything they write, anyway



Hi there!

We already do.
Actually, it is गरुड़ , not गरुड . So, it is necessary to write "a" in the end. It is limitation of English language that there is no correct way for writing many Hindi/ Sankrit letters, like ड़ So, Garuda and Garuda both are wrong, but Garuda is better.

Shree Ram, not Rama

It is योगा in Hindi too. योग is derived from यज्ञ and योगा is derived from योग। योग and योगा are different words.

श्री कृष्णा, not कृष्ण। कृष्ण means black, and he was black, so, his name was kept श्री कृष्णा, but some people say कृष्ण, it is fine too.

They are already written Bhim and Arjun respectively, I am pretty sure because I live only 40 kilometers from कुरुक्षेत्र। Some people might write Arjuna too, but that is wrong. I have never seen Bhima though.

Not sure, never used that word in English. I used sometimes in हिन्दी, but I can't really recollect if I used in English.

श्री गणेश is written Shree Ganesh in English. Some people might use Shree Ganesha too, but it is not recommended.

They are pronounced correctly, but can't be written properly in English. This is not new, English can't correctly represent many words in other languages. English is not meant to handle other languages. You should stop using English in official works, which was even proposed in old times. But people from South India protested, and English is still used in most of official works.

Yeah, they are like living jokes and I, being straightforward, point them out and roast them as much as I can

I don't know why people follow them. Maybe they like him, but I am not that kind of person. I have seen Guru Ramdev followers, even now.
But I don't to disgrace any religious leader.

To be honest, I am kind of guy who believes that Indian words should not be written at all in English. For example, it is जंगल, not Jungle (जंगली) or Jungal(जंगाल) .

Anyways, I am really pleased that someone cares about Indian languages and the pronunciations.
Keep it up.


Why English should never be used :grin: (from an Englishman)



Then I prefer arch linux.

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Yeah, Hindi + Sanskrit



By that I meant that no language is more difficult to learn than Sanskrit.

Not at all. Actually, if I try to learn German/ Latin/ Greek etc, they would obviously be difficult for me.

It is matter of mother tongue.

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In Russian, we have words that can be used with different emphasis, and it's especially funny to see such words written on the Internet, where it's harder to make an emphasis sign like this ́


My preferred pronunciation is Garuda but not Garuda or Garuda. And obviously not Garuda...

Well obviously, duuuh! :wink:

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