Copy/Paste third button on desktop notejot

After a recent update, I lost the ability to copy/paste into notejot directly using the third button on the mouse.
Before I will highlight something, copy and if I push the third button or wheel button, the copied text will be pasted into notejot.
Is this an option? It does not work anymore. How and I enable this?

Please follow the template and post the output of the garuda-inxi command. And welcome to the forum


Sorry. I will

:timer_clock:...Where did you go?

I'm guessing this problem resolved itself after a reboot, or similar?

No, it didn't

Oh, okay. Well once we see the output of garuda-inxi we can see what DE you are using, and what display server you are running as well. Then we will have a starting point for places to check for fixing your problem.

Go ahead and edit your first post, and paste the output of garuda-inxi between three tildes before and after (code formatting). Like this:

Paste garuda-inxi between the tildes

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