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Hi everyone I am new to Garuda Linux but I am already from verie distro .... Manjaro, Fedora, Ubuntu, Mx and more. Now I think I will stay and test this distro for good but I have a little problem with my Easysmx 9110 wireless controller which is recognized on games but not on Stadia and Geforce Now that I usually play. I don't want to have to use Windows just to play games and I'd like to do it from Garuda ... If anyone has any tips on how to do it or how to do it. With a wired controller I would have the same problem ??? Hello and thanks

You may try adding your browser as a non Steam game to Steam and use Steam's controller configuration for the browser.

Hi there and welcome to the Garuda community @sandro76.

I don't game so I have no experience dealing with your type of issue. However, a simple search seems to have a lot of related posts online that would be worth investigating.

Easysmx Arch Linux

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