Contributing to GNOME edition

I have been a garudalinux user for almost 2 years and always used the gnome desktop environment, with recent updates of gnome-40, all the customizations are broken, but I have somehow managed to make a well customized distro with some extensions which can be easily maintained with updates. I, therefore, wish to maintain the gnome edition of Garuda. As a new user of the forum, I cannot upload my customization screenshot.

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Hello there! :slight_smile:
Here my thoughts as I'm currently maintaining GNOME: I don't mind passing maintainership of this edition to another maintainer as I'm quite busy maintaining other things like our infra and Chaotic-AUR these days, in fact that's quite welcome. That being said, I'm not sure how much customisation can be done these days. If you read through some of our announcements you will notice that we had a quite customized GNOME edition for some time - that stopped after two GNOME releases which broke the customisation reliably and caused it being shipped in plain default state. I didn't believe in this being needed for quite some time but ultimately it was necessary. Breaking extensions is something which most users aren't willing to bear with each release (flooding the forum with posts and dealing with frustration is not really amusing, for both developers and users). If there is a good way to customize without relying on extensions, fine. I would suggest creating a new post in the GNOME section which describes your customisations and further plans :slight_smile:
For screenshots, I guess it's fine to resort to third party hosts in this case. Gotta get an impression of what's going on :wink:


Hi there, welcome to the community.

As @ dr460nf1r3 already told, you should create a new thread and tell us about your customization.
Merge requests are most welcome in Gitlab repository. Here is Gnome one.

And regarding that screenshot thing, seeing your past record on telegram, I am raising you to TL1, so that you can post screenshots.


Really enjoying the gnome edition of Garuda Linux, thank you for creating it!